Termite Control

Termite Control

If you love to keep beautiful wooden furniture at home, then termites are by far your greatest enemies. These are one of the intrusive insects that love to feast on wooden materials. They can destroy any of your wood furniture by feeding the wood away. The queen of the termites lay hundreds of eggs a day and so their number increases on a rapid speed. In fact, termites are often noted as white ants. An insect queen will be from half-an-inch to a full in long. Termites like to inhabit damp and dusty surfaces. That, in fact, should be a great cause of concern for all of us. Now, the best thanks to getting eliminate the termites are by using chemical-based Anti-Termite Control in bd solutions.

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Termites control tips to get rid of termites

The problem of insects has become quite common these days with nearly every house facing the termite infestation issue. So, if you have to protect your wooden furniture and your home, you have to get rid of the termites. You should need to contract any pest control expert. We can provide you the best services. For rid of termite’s problem, we recommend some natural ways for you. Generally, you can use this method to solve this problem.

Get rid of the excess moisture

Needless to say that most of the insects and germs thrive in a damp humid environment with a lot of moisture in it and termites are no exception. They multiply in huge numbers when there is a lot of moisture inside your home. So, if you have to get rid of them, the primary thing that you must do is to get rid of the moisture from your home.

Try to keep your home as airy and fresh as possible. The indoor air must be dry and so it is essential that you open your doors and windows for some time each day. You must also keep an eye on the perimeter of your building and make sure there is no water leakage or water pool that is coming in contact with the foundation of your building.

Exposure to sunlight is important

While these creepy termites thrive in moist condition, sunlight is an enemy to them. Therefore, you may take out techniques to expose the termites directly to the sunlight. They will die soon and you will be free of them.

So, if you’ll find the white ant hive, then try and expose the area to as much daylight as potential. In fact, if you can dig the area and expose the colony to the heat of the sun, that would be even better. And, in case of the termites inside your wooden furniture, try to place the items outdoors for some time in the strong sunlight and let the strong UV rays kill them naturally.

Use cardboard traps to remove termites

One of the most effective and natural tips on how to get rid of termites without using chemicals is by using cardboard traps. This is because cardboards contain cellulose which gives off a woody smell that in turn attracts the termites. You may make the smell stronger by straying a bit of water. The termites can notice the aroma irresistible and they can presently gather there in large numbers. Now, wait until nearly the full colony gathers there. After that collect them and kill them by burning.

Use neem oil to kill the termites

If you are looking for a method to kill the termites without harming yourself, then the usage of neem oil is a great solution for you. Although it is a slow process it gives efficient results. It does not let the termites develop, eventually leading to their death. In fact, if you’ll directly expose the termites to the neem tree oil, it’ll also limit their ability to eat or lay eggs.

For that, you’ll apply the neem tree oil on the affected wood parts using a plant disease. Wait till the termites absorb the oil and die after that.

Use white vinegar to kill the termites

White vinegar has already made its own name as far as natural cleaning is concerned and now you can use it to get rid of the termites as well. In fact, if you mix adequate lemon juice with it, the results will be doubled and you can enjoy a termite-free home soon.

You need to take little white vinegar around half a cup in a spray bottle and then mix the extracted juice of 2 lemons. After that, spray the answer on the infected or the suspected areas. Continue doing this daily so the termites run away or die.

A mixture of salt and water works great

Another natural tip on how to get rid of termites without using chemicals is by using a mixture of salt and water. This is a really simple technique because the salty water is effective in killing the termites. So, to use this remedy, you simply have to mix salt with water properly and then put the solution in a syringe. Continue this process daily for several days and see the benefits for yourself.

Orange oil can kill the termites

This is a great remedy to kill the termites especially the dry wood termites. The main reason behind it is the presence of the d-limonene compound which dissolves in the exoskeleton of the termites and breaks their cell membranes which eventually leads to the death of the termites due to lack of protein and water.

To get the maximum benefits, simply apply it on the infected wooden surfaces frequently. You may also dig some tiny holes in the wood and inject the orange oil inside them for best results.

Use borates to get rid of the termites

Borax or sodium borate is very effective in eliminating the termites and so if it is already present in your home, then use it to kill the termites. Borax will harm the nervous system of the termites and then dehydrate them. So, if you find the infested area, you can cover it with borax powder for a week and kill all of them.

You may also try the other method. Put the borax powder in hot water and mix the ingredients well. Now, pour it in a spray bottle and use it to spray the solution in the wooden surfaces (to not let the termites feed on the woods) or in the hives of the termites.

Soapy water kills the termites

One of the other natural tips about a way to get rid of termites while not chemicals is by using cleanser water. Cleanser water truly forms a solid seal on the outer shell of the termites that affects the system of termites and makes them die. For that, take a sprig bottle and add liquid dish soap and water into it. Combine the ingredients well then spray the answer to the infected parts until you get rid of all of them.

Use cayenne pepper to get rid of termites

Cayenne pepper may be a very helpful ingredient and you’ll use it to induce rid of the termites from your home. it’ll kill the termites effectively and free you of the matter.

There are 2 ways that during which you’ll use cayenne pepper. In one such technique, you just need to take some cayenne pepper powder and sprinkle it on the infected places. Continue it till the termites die. instead, you’ll combine the cayenne pepper with some light oil. Then create a decent paste and apply it on the vertical spots. try this daily till the termites disappear.

Use the freezing technique

The cooling technique might not be that effective for big picket furniture. However, if the wood piece is little in size then you’ll positively apply the freezing technique. Firstly, take a sealable garbage bag and place the little wood piece within it. Now, put the bag inside the freezer for 2 weeks and then take it out. Keep the bag in the room temperature for the next two days.

You can also use these tips

  • Try to throw each supply of food for the termites far from your home.
  • Keep an eye and check the signs of termites inside or around your home on a frequent basis so that you can take early action to kill them and not let them grow in numbers.
  • If you see any branch of tree touching your home, then immediately cut the branch as that may act as the route for the termites to enter your home. Also, take away the dead plant product far from your residence.
  • Try to fill each hole or crack in your building victimization mortar to not permit the termites to measure there.
  • Remove the tree branches, tree stumps or any other wooden debris away from your home.
  • Maintain the small trees, shrubs, and the bushes well.
  • Avoid storing fuel or alternative lumber near your home.

This is a very good natural remedy. If you did not control termites using this method. Don’t waste time, you can contract to withe us to solve this problem.